My Story


Wairua Mauri-Oho - My first and middle names. 

My Father asked upon a man who was very highly regarded in his eyes, a man who he looked up to greatly, for a special name. I was given the name Wairua Mauri-Oho. 

In my life, I have always wondered why my name was so different from other people's names. Even out of all the other kids I knew with Māori names, I always wondered why mine was so "different". Today I use "unique", different yes. But it is as unique as it is different. 

My name has mapped out my life. 

I have grown into my name and use it as the backbone of everything I do. I stand to uphold the power in my name and will do anything within my capabilities to do so. 

WAIRUA MAURI-OHO as a clothing brand is a reflection of my material being.

It is a representation of the image I present to the world. Naturally introverted, my most comfortable way of saying something without speaking has always been through what I wear. Whether my style is or has ever been tasteful is a debate within itself. 

What I'm sure of is that at every stage of my life, I have always thought that the clothing I specifically chose to wear at that very moment, explained who I was as a person the best.

Wairua Mauri-Oho may be ever-changing as a clothing brand, just as I am as a human. But one thing I stand to hold true is that the quality of each garment is as genuine as I stand to be as a person. 

Wairua Mauri-Oho - Spiritual Awakening